Ivory a Metrix
The Val­lec­ula is and inter­ac­tive mini sound instal­la­tions using Max MSP and Arduino.  It uti­lizes 20 dif­fer­ent cus­tom Max MSP patches, trig­ger­ing 100 vocal sam­ples, for peo­ple to play and enjoy. All of the patches and sam­ples were cre­ated and performed/recorded by Ivory Smith.

The Valeculla

The Val­lec­ula

* The cen­ter but­tons trig­ger slow chords
* The right round but­ton on the right trig­gers melodic bursts
* The left round but­ton trig­gers the poem
* The left knobs manip­u­late the pitch cen­ter and tempo of all the sam­ples
* The left on/off switch con­trols the direc­tion of all the sam­ples
* The right on/off switch con­trols the octave of the melodic bursts
* The two left knobs con­trol the amount of tremolo applied to the long chords and to the amount of ring mod­u­la­tion applied to the melodic bursts

Con­se­quently, the melodies gen­er­ated are con­stantly shift­ing. Each trig­ger of the poem and melodic bursts cre­ates dif­fer­ent melodic and rhyth­mic patterns.

If you would like a more in depth look at the Vel­lec­ula and the tools used to cre­ate it please see Ivory’s blog entry, The mak­ing of the Val­lec­ula, an inter­ac­tive mini sound installation.

Valeculla Map

Valeculla Map